Reise – All Day Bar & Kitchen-

Reise is a travel inspired bar designed to transport guests to other worlds and underworlds from the convenience of ones own metropolis.

Inside, a mix of comfortable low brown leather sofas, green and red bead studded chairs and high bar stool seating options is what one can opt for across 2 different seating sections.The interiors transport one to the feel flowing by using a combination of chameleon concept which means changing the space with time through the day which also compliments to the them

With pops of colour adorned against dark wood furnishings, tying both the sections is the common exposed black ceiling to keep things rustic and connected. Walls have been studded with shelves, lined up with old books, fragmented images of traveller’s memories framed on the walls, antique and souvenirs and the bar has enough nostalgia to transport guests to the world of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days without making them leave the comfort of their green leather chairs.Vintage furniture, printed wallpaper, stamp and atlas walls and clocks showing the difference in time zones combine to offer Reiseas a great ambience to seasoned travellers.

The right hand side section has been designed to serve as a multi functional space, which can be utilised as the Play bar slash buffet area slash informal meeting room as per requirement. Contrasting to that, the left section provides a Quirky and casual atmosphere along with a DJ space, cubical bar at the centre and a column of illustration-graffiti purely travel related to just offset the whole neutral tone to the place.

99 East-

Our multi-cuisine restaurant serves delicious dishes in Italian, Continental, European, American, and Asian cuisines. Contrasting flavors and spices are combined to bring out a sense of balance on your palate. The classic and fun ambience paired up with great live performances simply complements the charm of the place. The Sauces, ingredients, and spices are specially handpicked by the trained chefs. Upstairs is a place where every diner finds his/her personal favourite dish from the A-la-Carte, also featuring an exotic bar menu. It is a perfect place for people who want to experience a fun and eventful night.